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AI OpenDoor
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Agency License
Unlimited LeadsLead GenerationUnlimited ProspectingAI Prospecting15 DFY WebsitesBuild-In Lead DataImport Lead SystemMix & Match LeadsWebsite AnalysisInterest Scoring Dedicated Support BONUS WEBINARFAST ACTION BONUSES
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Bonus#1 - VIP Training: How To Make 6-Figure With AI Open Door
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Bonus#2 - AdSauce ( Sold for $297 )
Bonus#3 - SocialSauce ( Sold for $197 )
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Unleash unlimited leads, seamless prospecting, and cutting-edge features like Extraction-Based Lead Data and Personalized AI Writers.Normally Sold at $497/yearUNLIMITED Daily Leads
UNLIMITED Lead MigrationUNLIMITED ProspectingUNLIMITED AI IntelUNLIMITED Interest ScoringUNLIMITED Interest ScoringUNLIMITED Interest ScoringUNLIMITED Analyze & ImpressUNLIMITED Copywriter30 Extra DFY WebsitesNEW* Live Lead ScrapingNEW* Cold Outreach BlueprintALL UPDATES INCLUDEDAccount Manager FAST ACTION BONUSES
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Bonus#1 - AssetBox ( Sold for $497 )
Bonus#2 - ScratchThat ( Sold for $97 )
Bonus#3 - 100 Logos (Sold for $197)
Included In Your Purchase!
AIdvantage  Unlimited
Regular price: $97
Transform your business with our revolutionary platform, effortlessly offering 12 diverse one-click services for consistent monthly revenueNormally Sold at $397/yearAIdvantage Ultimate Dashboard
Automated AI Content CreationAI Content Improvement
High-Converting Video ScriptsLimitless AI Ad Copy Creation
Engaging AI Social Media Posts
Commercial License Included
Content MarketingCreate Lead MagnetsSocial Media Marketing
Search Engine OptimizationVideo Marketing
Step-by-Step Training
Premium support ***
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Bonus#1 - LogoSauce (Sold for $297)
Bonus#2 - Content Repurpose Guide (Sold for $197)
Bonus#3 - Simple Form Builder (Sold for $497)
Included In Your Purchase!
AI Open Door Agency
Regular price: $197
Sell unlimited sub-accounts of AI Open Door for instant profitsUnlimited Sub-Accounts of AI Open DoorUnlimited International UsageDFY Business WebsiteAll Website Pages Created Custom PayPal Checkout DFY Sales ProposalDFY Email SwipesDFY Telemarketing ScriptsDFY Legal ContractDFY Graphics BannerDFY Business CardsDFY FB Ads CreativesDFY Rate CardsDFY LetterheadsDFY InvoiceFAST ACTION BONUSES
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Bonus#1 - AI For Entrepreneurs ( Sold for $197 )
Bonus#2- Traffic Autobahn (Sold for $47)
Bonus#3- 5 DFY Followup Swipes (Sold for $97)
Included In Your Purchase!
AI Local Domination
Regular price: $97
Unlock the secrets to local market dominance with our exclusive "Prompt Powered" Training, showcasing the prowess of ChatGPT as your virtual assistant.16 Training MODULES INCLUDED:Market PulseBlueprint for SuccessAd MagicOutreach OverdriveNewsletter NavigatorsFirst ImpressionsSmart PricingWalk the TalkTeam TransformersLanguage BridgeThe Persuasion ToolkitSeasonal SymphonyInventory ArchitectsFeedback FrontiersLean OperationsGreen PathwaysFAST ACTION BONUSES
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Bonus#1 - iGramMachine (Sold for $147)
Bonus#2 - DFY Consultancy Pack (Sold for $197)
Included In Your Purchase!
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Bonus 1 - $297 Value
The 5-Figure Web Agency Blueprint
Revealing the one bonus that stands out above all others.

This is the ultimate guide to kickstarting your online business and swiftly reaching five figures each month with website design and development services.

This is like the missing manual or the quick start guide of making the most of AI Open Door.

In this blueprint, packed with lots of extras, you’ll find a step-by-step guide to launch your web agency.

It covers everything from setting up your business right to handling payment processing without relying on PayPal.

Explore various ways to find leads and get clients, like cold calling, email marketing, LinkedIn, direct mail, print ads, and an exclusive Craigslist strategy!

If you want to make your purchase at least 10x profitable, this is the bonus you need.
Bonus 2 - $97 Value
Client-Attracting DFY Report with Capture Page
Your go-to guide to gaining the trust of potential clients.

Use this report to showcase your expertise and build trust with prospects in web design and development.

Explain why businesses need your services, emphasizing the importance of a professional and profitable website.

This report is a valuable resource to share with your clients, informing prospects about the benefits of having a website tailored to their target audience.
By doing so, you help prospects see the value of investing in a top-notch web design and development service, specifically the one you offer. This understanding is key to turning them into paying customers.

Complete with a ready-to-use capture page, it ensures the generation of high-quality leads for web design.
Bonus 3 - $67 Value
You Are Too Expensive! Objection Handling Guide
What if a client objects and says you are too expensive and you are charging way more for the websites?

When clients express concern about your prices, it’s a common challenge.

For many local consultants, this hurdle often marks the end of the conversation as they struggle to justify their costs.

But fear not! I’m introducing a guide for the first time that will teach you how to skillfully handle objections about your service fees.

Implementing the strategies in this guide has helped me either secure the customer immediately or have the prospect compare my proposal directly with a competitor’s.

This gives you a clear edge over your competition, making clients choose you even if your prices are a bit higher.
Bonus 4 - $97 Value
DFY Agency Website
AI Open Door doesn’t come with any agency site, at least in the front-end offer, which is critical because once you reach out to a prospect, you will need to direct them somewhere, which should only be your agency website.

Think of your agency website like a friendly billboard in the online world.

When sending those cold emails to folks interested in web design, your website is like your digital business card.

It shows off your excellent work and lets people know why you’re the go-to person for creating fabulous websites.

And so you can not even start offering web design services if you don’t have a fantastic-looking agency website yourself.

This is why I am including a ready-made custom agency website, made to sell just the web design and development so you can not only impress all the products that land on it but also close the deal the moment they see it.
Bonus 5 - $167 Value
Ready-to-Use Custom Spokesperson Video
A top-notch video with a professional spokesperson can quickly build trust and credibility with your potential clients.

That’s why I’m adding a brand-new, fully ready-to-use spokesperson video. It’s made not just to grab the attention of potential clients but also to make you stand out in the busy market.

Every detail has been taken care of – from creating the script and filming to editing and post-production. This video is crafted to seal the deal the moment it reaches potential prospects.

I invested significantly to create this, but today, when you get AI Open Door through me, you’ll receive this $500-worth video for free.
Bonus 6 - $67 Value
Custom Website Upgrade Video
Thanks to AI Open Door, a simple click helps you assess a website to see if it needs a makeover right away.

That’s why I’m throwing in a professionally made, results-driven, and captivating animated prospecting video as a bonus. It’s crafted to help you attract and secure clients whose websites could use a refresh.

This is a personalized video in high-definition, complete with a pro script, voice-over, and background music. It’s made exclusively to promote website design and development services, and I invested significantly to ensure its quality.

Here’s the best part.

All you have to do is swap out the logo and the text on the lower third with your information, and you’re good to go!
Bonus 7 - $67 Value
4-Figures Offline Prospecting Letter (Web Design Edition)
Because AI Open Door gives you the address of a potential lead, it’s smart to have something offline, like a snail mail letter.

This physical letter, written by a top copywriter, has consistently attracted clients for years. His students have also had great success with this template, and I’m sure you will, too.

It’s a ready-to-use letter for selling web design services, made to generate appointments and close deals.

Use this letter to make a professional and friendly impression on potential clients, saving you time and effort.

Whether you decide to mail or email the template is entirely up to you. But one thing is for sure – using this template, you’ll land a client before others do.
Bonus 1 - $97 Value
$20k Clients-Crushing Proposal Template
To win over a client, you need a standout proposal.

This particular proposal is from an expert who earns a living selling web design and development services.

I didn’t just grab some free templates from the internet. Instead, I got in touch with a guy who’s been consistently pulling in $20,000 per month for the past few years with his web design business.

Now, this template is your tool to create professional, detailed proposals that make you stand out.

Covering essential sections like project overview, options, and agreement terms, this template packs a punch.

If you want to get the most out of your AI Open Door investment and start securing clients effortlessly, having this proposal in your toolkit is a game-changer.
Bonus 2 - $67 Value
$1000+ Master Service Agreement Contract
For web designers or developers providing services to clients, having a solid contract is crucial to protect yourself and your business.

This contract allows you to clearly state the work scope, payment terms, project timeline, and other essential details.

Usually, such contracts come with a high cost, but here’s the good news: you’re getting the same contract my friend uses, the one I mentioned earlier. This contract set him back around $1,000 or more, underlining its importance.

Having this contract will not only save you a significant amount of money but also spare you countless hours of frustration in the long run.

Consider it a must-have bonus for anyone diving into web design and development services.
Bonus 4 - $97 Value
AI-Powered Short Form Sales Letter Training
In the marketing realm, two timeless truths stand out: 1. Money loves speed, and 2. More offers lead to victory!

With these principles in mind, marketing pros Rich and Jay gathered the world’s top A.I. experts.

Jon, one of them, is here to guide you in creating sales pages and video scripts that effortlessly boost sales using AI.

Jon is a master of Ethical Persuasion, having helped countless entrepreneurs reach millions online, generating billions of dollars.

This bonus will prove extremely invaluable when you want to enhance the copywriting power of AI Open Door or craft personalized content for your clients, allowing you to charge premium fees.
Bonus 5 - $67 Value
Boost Your Profits Logo Kit Bundle
Get over three dozen logos to offer to your clients, adding extra value to your website packages.

Logos are usually sold separately, but here, you get plenty of customizable options. Customize them based on your preferences or your client’s needs to increase your earnings.

Each logo has a modern and polished look, perfect for any industry or niche.

Whether you want a bold, colorful design or a simple, stylish look, this bonus pack has everything. It includes the right logos to enhance any website or brand.
Bonus 9 - $67 Value
DFY Buzz-Generating Social Media Posts
Your new web dev and design services deserve the spotlight! And so when you pick AI Open Door up, you get 10 days of ready-to-post content for social media.

It is a thoughtfully crafted and purposefully designed pack of social media posts you can post on your Facebook agency page to create buzz, get engagement, and increase sales.

These posts with tips, quotes, and essential statistics will nudge the prospects on social media, making them realize the significance of having a great-looking website and helping you attract even more web design clients.

Use a post one day after another to get attention to your services and more clients for this month easily.
Bonus 10 - $97 Value
DFY Email Templates for Repeat Business
Once your agency is rolling, you’ll want this bonus to pull in lots of dollars in client work whenever you need it.

This bonus unlocks a vault of tried-and-true email templates that work like magic.

No more wondering about what to say to past clients or how to ask for referrals.

These templates smoothly guide you in creating compelling emails that bring in happy reviews, profitable referrals, and even chances for ongoing projects.

Say goodbye to doubt and hello to lots of dollars in client projects at your fingertips.
Bonus 12 - $97 Value
Secret Website Profits Guide
Discover a powerful method to attract web design and development clients quickly, earning substantial income along the way.

Learn the most effective approach to win over even the most hesitant clients. By providing upfront value, you significantly boost your chances of sealing the deal.

A colleague of mine has been successfully selling his website design and development services, closing 5-10 clients each week, ranging from $500 to $1500, just by using this method.
Bonus 13 - $67 Value
Speedy Payments Invoice Template
A useful invoice template can make your billing process easy and ensure you get paid on time.

To help you with that, I asked my friend again (the one making $20k monthly with his web design and development services) for his personal invoice template. This tool will assist you in creating professional-looking invoices quickly, saving you time on administrative tasks and allowing you to focus on your clients.

Moreover, this template is fully customizable, letting you adjust it to your preferences and branding. It includes all the necessary elements to make a thorough and professional invoice.
Bonus 16 - $97 Value
The Ultimate Agency Rolodex
The most comprehensive and probably the last agency Rolodex you will ever come across.

This is every single piece of information gathered over the years that you can use to go from zero to $20,000 a month.

It is the la crème de la crème of agency resources that will make you a local superstar.

Everything you need to know on how to set up, scale, and grow your agency can be found inside.

Whether you’re looking to start your own agency from scratch, already have your agency set up but are struggling to get clients, or are looking for a way to scale your agency with SOPs and VAs, this Rolodex is for you.

If you have to get the AI Open Door to get this bonus, do it. You won’t regret it.
Bonus 15 - $67 Value
The Expert Web Design Questionnaire
After sealing the deal, it’s important to gather all the info you need from clients.

This useful questionnaire is a set of questions meant to gather details about the client’s needs, preferences, and what they expect from their website.

By using this proven questionnaire, you can make sure you understand your client’s needs and deliver a website that matches their expectations.

This not only makes clients happy but also increases the chance of them coming back or recommending you.

Instead of going back and forth with clients through emails or chats, you can efficiently get all the necessary information in one go.
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Bonus#6 - Custom Website Upgrade Video (Valued at $67)Bonus#7 - 4-Figures Offline Prospecting Letter (Web Design Edition) (Valued at $67)Bonus#8 - DFY Buzz-Generating Social Media Posts (Valued at $267)Bonus#9 - $20k Clients-Crushing Proposal Template (Valued at $67)Bonus#10 - $1000+ Master Service Agreement Contract (Valued at $67)Bonus#11 - Speedy Payments Invoice Template (Valued at $67)Bonus#12 - The Expert Web Design Questionnaire (Valued at $67)Bonus#13 - The Ultimate Agency Rolodex (Valued at $97)Bonus#14 - DFY Email Templates for Repeat Business (Valued at $67)Bonus#15 - Boost Your Profits Logo Kit Bundle (Valued at $67)Bonus#16 - Secret Website Profits Guide (Valued at $67)Bonus#17 - AI-Powered Short Form Sales Letter Training (Valued at $67)
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