$486+ per sale and $3k in prizes
First to market  app turns Linkedin into your  private lead vault - A.I. & OSINT powered
A game-changer for businesses and professionals, and an excellent product to recommend to your subscribers & customers
950 million
decision-maker leads at your finger tip
Unique Selling Point
Beefy commissions and prizes
First of its kind Linkedin lead discovery app on JVZoo to use OSINT AI.
High converting, Solid funnel that your customers will LOVE!
Great customer feedback during our BETA tests
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Prelaunch details
Prelaunch starts November 25th at 11 AM EST and the webinar happens November 29th at 10 AM EST
Launch date
Early bird offer goes live Novemer 29th at 11 AM EST
Closing date
Launch closes December 4th 12 PM EST
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We build high quality tools
Our apps have been featured on platforms like Appsumo, ProductHunt and more, so rest assured - your subscribers and customers will love Prospectrin too
Solid! Locked and LOADED! Stocked FULL! Buy now or regret later AppSumo Deal

Guys - Just get it! Very pleased with the deal and support is fast and with future updates to boot!

Linkedin's Goldmine Is Now Yours

No more manual work, no more guesswork, just pure, efficient AI Powered lead generation.
Desktop Calls via Twilio Integration
Simplify your workflow with our integrated Twilio desktop calling feature.

Make clear calls directly from the Prospectr interface; no need to switch apps.
AI-Enhanced Lead Enrichment
Why settle for the basics when you can turn your bookmarked leads into super-detailed profiles?

It’s like having your research squad, but turbocharged and fast.
Seamless Integration with Convertlead CRM
Easily add your leads inside your Convertlead CRM with just 1 click.
Social Reviews Insight
Ever wanted to get the vibe before walking in?

Our Social Reviews Insight lets you do just that.

Gain immediate access to reviews and ratings that give you an in-depth understanding of a business’s reputation.
AI-Powered Prospect Scoring System
No need to stress over guesswork or spending endless hours analyzing potential leads.

Our AI-Prospect Scoring System takes the hassle out of evaluation.
One-Click Email Outreach
Ditch the email hassle for good! Prospectr’s One-Click Email Outreach feature hooks you up with SMTP to shoot off personalized emails straight from the app.
1-click Lead & Prospect Export to .pdf and .csv
Want to export your carefully curated list of top-notch leads?

With a simple click, you can transform them into PDF or CSV format, ready to sync with third-party autoresponders
Pre-Loaded Messenger Cold Outreach Scripts
Sometimes the first step is the hardest, so we’ve loaded your arsenal with pre-crafted, attention-grabbing Messenger scripts.
Website Presence Checker
Discover even more upselling opportunities with our Website Presence Checker.
Exhaustive Lead Data Suite
Get all the nitty-gritty details about each lead with our Exhaustive Lead Data Suite.

We hand over all the vital stuff—business names, addresses, phone numbers, and the juicy page stats.
Real-Time AI-Powered Lead Discovery Engine
No more manual searches or outdated data—stay ahead of the curve and beat your competition every time.
Universal AI-Widget
Create, ask, suggest, or improve all without leaving your dashboard even for a second
Instant Messenger Connection
Easily slip into your leads’ comfort zones using our Instant Messenger Connection feature.

With just a simple click, you’re connected via Messenger, all set to start those meaningful conversations.
Rapid Keyword & Geolocation Search
Introducing a search feature that’s as dynamic as your business needs. ​

Enter your target profession and location, and generate a list of leads tailored to your specifications in minutes.
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High Converting Sales Funnel
You all know our funnels are always strong and can get you up to 29% front end conversions and double digit EPCs. This one will be no different :
$37 one time
Includes access to Prospectrin Standard with all the features and 2000 credits per month - renewable.
front end
$47 one time
Prospectrin PRO
Get 8000 more credits and more features with Prospectrin PRO.
one time offer 1
$67 one time
Prospectr Fb edition
Expose millions of buyer leads with prospectr facebook/meta edition - 10000 credits.
one time offer 2
$67 one time
AI Pages Commercial
The front end info details
one time offer 3
$97  one time
Convertlead Business
Full access to our Convertlead CRM, Automation and Lead Management platform
one time offer 4
Your customers can find leads that speak directly to their business, whether they're a startup, tech whiz, creative soul, or service provider...
Prospectrin makes it effortless for freelancers to discover businesses in need of their skills, ensuring a steady flow of clients and exciting projects.

Say goodbye to uncertainty and hello to a world of freelance opportunities!
Graphic Designers
Writers and Copywriters
Web DevelopersPhotographers and more
Prospectrin is like your backstage pass to finding businesses ready for your know-how.

Level up your client list and watch your income boost, all while keeping things easy and breezy.

Targeted Outreach
NetworkingPartnership Opportunities
Perfect for agencies of all kind, wanting to expand their client list. Prospectrin simplifies the whole prospecting process for you:

Save time and effort
Bring in a steady flow of buyer-leads
Discover Partnership opportunities
Competitor Analysis
Small Businesses
Locate business clients actively seeking your products and services, making your outreach campaigns more targeted and effective.

Grow your business in a cost-effective way.
JV's love  our products
All these guys below can't be wrong - we build high quality products that sell !
Mega - Appsumo user

Man, these guys were amazing they have helped me more than once get my system set up perfectly. This system has really good potential as far as lead generation so I’m really excited.

7h ago
Tiberio Priean - Agency owner

Prospectr rocks! The one-click access to Messenger and the website presence check are helping me tremendously scale my outreach  campaigns for my web design agency.

3 days ago
Ciprian M. - Photographer and Video Producer

I used to spend hours scrolling through social media trying to find potential Facebook pages for my social media posting services.

Prospectr is saving me so much time, it’s unreal. The prospecting score is superb and already helping me avoid the leads that likely won’t respond back. Definitely recommend it.

7 days ago
Ali Akhbar - Entrepreneur & Email Marketer

The AI widget is great. I can quickly whip up cold emails and generate copy for my landing pages and it saves me a tremendous amount of time.

I would also like to give a special mention to Alex, who has been incredibly responsive and helpful every time I reached out, even with some questions that may seem silly at times.

2h ago
How it works
How to use Prospectrin to expose millions of buyer leads in 3 simple steps
Gather dataUse our Chrome extension to gather data from linkedin people searches
Enrich with OSINTSend the data to our app and our algorithm finds the emails for you in REAL TIME using OSINT AI.
Connect Use our AI widget and easily reach out to your leads through text, phone, email or messenger
Time-Saving Tool
Say goodbye to those never-ending prospecting marathons. Spot the ones craving your services in a flash.
Real-Time Results
Whenever you hit that "find" button, our AI algorithm does its thing on, rounding up leads like a pro, in a snap.
High-Quality Leads
Prospectr’s AI algorithms aren’t just smart; they’re like mind-readers for finding leads that actually matter.
AI Powered
Prospectr's raw AI power hands you over only the buyer leads that are genuinely interested in your services.
Prospectr is the savvy choice that keeps your wallet strong. Quick lead generation equals serious money saved.
Whether you’re a one-person show or a big shot in the business world, Prospectr fits right in.
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Proven track record
This is a high quality product coming from the creators of LeadsGorilla AI, Localio AI, Mapify360, Creativio AI and more. We have a proven track record and elite industry experience and all marketers that we worked with in the past can vouch for us and our high quality & high converting product launches. . 
Over 30 POTD Awards in the last 5 yearsAll our launches have been awarded POTD in the last 5 years.
Top 10 Jvzoo Affiliates
We've been constantly awarded Jvzoo top affiliate of the YEAR for the last few years
Up to 29% FE Conversions
Our products and funnels convert. Guaranteed 5 figure promo if you do a minimum 3-day campaign
Over $2.500.000 paid in commissionsOur products sell like crazy and all marketers that we worked with in the past can vouch for us
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